About Circadian Lifehacks

My story

Hello and welcome!
My name is Debbie Moon. I am a science writer and the creator of Genetic Lifehacks.
In writing about genetics, health, and diet, I have come across a ton of research studies on circadian rhythm. Taken individually, the research is something that makes me go 'huh - that's interesting'...
... but a bigger picture began to emerge. It is an image of a foundational biological principle that we seem to be ignoring in our modern world.

Circadian rhythm research links together all of our modern, chronic health problems -- such as diabetes, obesity, depression, dementia, and cancer.

And that circadian research points back to a genetic explanation that makes sense of so many diseases.

My Goal for Circadian Lifehacks

My purpose here is simple. I want to spread the word about the importance of circadian biology.

Through research-based articles, I will explain why circadian science is so important to our health today. 

And all of this is useless with solutions…  so each article contains simple, inexpensive ways to realign your life to your built in clock.