DIY Circadian-friendly Lighting Projects

Optimizing your lighting to be friendly to your circadian rhythm can be fun!

Key ideas to keep your home lighting circadian-friendly:

  1. Eliminate light in the blue-wavelengths at night. (Check out all the health reasons why to eliminate blue light at night!)
  2. Get as much bright light (natural or artificial) as possible during the day.

It is just that simple!

Adding in circadian-friendly warm light sources for nighttime use can involve getting crafty with a bunch of fun lighting projects.

Here are some ideas from around the web to get you started:

Mason Jar Oil Lamps – a step by step guide with lots of photos!

Wine Glass Gel Candles – head to the craft store for wicks and gel candle wax for a fun project that is great for wine lovers!

Wine Bottle Candles – recycle old wine bottles into some really nifty candles.

Wine Bottle Lanterns with fairy lights – just be sure to choose a wine bottle that will give off a warm glow (yellow, orange, red bottles).

DIY Survival Candles – inexpensive option for candles that should burn for 50 hours.

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